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May 2003 - Peterborough Linux User Group Newsletter

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From the Editor

by Jason Wallwork, PLUG President

Sorry this issue is so late. It's more difficult to put together an issue when I don't have many contributions. Please write something for us, send us a link, or even send us screen shots of your desktop. I try to use everything I receive and if you notice an error let me know about that, too.

This month Harry Ellis returns with the feature article on how Mandrake makes music marvelously. I've got lots of security updates and recent Linux news to tell you about. And finally, we have an article on my experience ripping music with SuSE 8.1.

Now, some membership news. I had hoped to get 10 members signed up in our recent drive. I figured that only the long-time members would sign up and I thought even 10 was a bit of a lofty goal. I couldn't have been more wrong. To date, PLUG has 16 paid members! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Clint, Bill and I are very appreciative of your support of PLUG. I really consider this LUG a success and it's you who makes it happen. I particularly want to single out Clint who does at least as much for PLUG as I do. I also want to thank the organizations and companies who have sponsored PLUG by donating software, books, meeting space, web space, and more! Check our our list of sponsors! And if you want to find out the extra benefits of being a member for a low price we have a page with membership info.

Since we now have members contributing annual funds to PLUG, it's time to have democratically-elected leaders deciding how those funds are dispensed. To that end, we have chosen the June meeting for the election. Obviously, there will be a vote for President, and yes, I intend to run. We will also have an election for Vice President and Membership Coordinator. If you're interested in leading PLUG, now is the time to step forward and let us know. You can also nominate someone else. And don't be afraid of running for President. As a member, that is your right.

I'm now going to start archiving past issues of PLUG into Linux News. For now, to make it easy on myself (as well as Google), I've left the articles at the same URLs as before and just re-linked the left menu button to the current issue. For those of you who missed it, here's a link to the April issue of News.

Enjoy the newsletter!

Keep sending me your comments and submissions. Thanks.


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