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Get Linux on CD-R Cheaply

Last Update: January 20, 2004

To make it easy and cheap to start with Linux, PLUG will burn any downloadable Linux distro to a CD-R. Our list is below. Unless said otherwise, distros are on one disc. We've marked which ones are new additions to our library. Also,we have some older versions. Email us and ask us if you need one.

Linux Distributions

Single/Special Purpose Distributions

Bootable (run from CDROM) Linux Distributions

The BSDs

Other Open Source Projects

Open Source Software for Windows


The cost is $5 Canadian per CD-R. Members of PLUG get a reduced price of $4 per CD-R up to $20 maximum for any distribution as well as a free distribution they wish. If all these choices seem confusing, follow the links to the respective distributions above, check a website that has distro reviews like DistroWatch, or ask us.

They're roasted fresh for you by request and you can pick them up at one of our regular meetings. Or we'll mail the CD-Rs to you for $1 extra per CD-R to the total to cover our mailing expenses (within Canada). If you're in the US, add $2 (in Canadian funds) per CD-R. International orders, email to get exact shipping cost.

If you have any problems with the CD-Rs not functioning, return them within 30 days for replacement.

EMail the President if you have questions. Otherwise, just send payment and we'll ship the CD-Rs. We're just a non-profit, so expect a 3-4 weeks for shipping (within Canada).

Payment is by cheque or money order in Canadian funds made out to the Peterborough Linux User Group. Our mailing address is:

      Peterborough Linux User Group (PLUG)
      3-794 Stocker Road (Lower)
      Peterborough, ON K9J 5T3

Thank You for considering us for your journey into Linux. And if you ordered a CD-R, thank you even more because every order keeps PLUG operating.



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